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The Place Coworking Hub is a modern coworking space in Mexico City. This space has modern amenities, including ergonomic chairs, as well as an outdoor terrace where guests can work in the fresh air.


Kitchen & microwave

You may store your food in the refrigerator but don't forget your food when leaving! Please bring your own cup/mug for coffee and water.

Outdoor space

Enjoy the beautiful weather by working outside or taking a phone call on the patio area outdoors.


Parking is available in a nearby lot, or on the street.

Ergonomic chairs

Grab a comfy ergonomic office chair that gives your lower back support, and promotes good posture, which helps to alleviate back pain.


This space has lockers where you can store your things.

Conference room

Conference rooms are available to rent by the hour for your next meeting. Please ask the community manager for rates and availability.

Bike storage

Bike storage racks are available here. Please bring your own bike locks.

Event space

This space hosts hackathons, happy hours, members luncheons, movie nights, live music, holiday parties, and much more.

Need to know

Common area and hot desks.


Location Map

Book a conference room

Conference Room @ The Place Coworking Hub

Coyoacan • 15 people

406.00 MXN/hr

Meeting Room @ The Place Coworking Hub

Coyoacan • 6 people

290.00 MXN/hr