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Treehouse Space offers a unique environment for entrepreneurs, consultants, creatives, and global citizens to connect, be inspired, and have an opportunity to learn from one another to change the world for the better. It has plenty of bright, natural light and a workspace to suit everyone


Coffee & tea

Unlimited Proyecto coffee and Red Blossom tea. You're welcome to grab a cup and fix yourself a cup of coffee.

Kitchen & microwave

You may store your food in the refrigerator but don't forget your food when you're leaving because the refrigerator gets cleared up every night.

Bike storage

Available bike racks in the workspace; first come first serve basis. Please walk up your bike to the second floor.

Mail service

A mailing address is available for $50/month. Please send inquiries via email: community@treehousespace.org

Conference room

Available to book conference room which can fit up to 10 people comfortably for $45/hour. Please book 24 hour in advance via email: community@treehousespace.org

Phone booth

Access to jump into any two phone booths located at the either side of the space. Please respect your neighbors and keep the duration within an hour.

Event space

Fitting up to 125 people for $65/hour for a large events accommodated with projector and screen. Please send inquiries via email: community@treehousespace.org

Monitor storage

Ability to store your computer monitor at the space for $50/month. Please send inquiries via email: community@treehousespace.org

Pet friendly

You're welcome to bring a pet along but please keep in mind that this is a open community so we highly recommend you to keep an eye on your love ones.


Printing is available in black and white. Please ask the community manager for setup instructions and rates.

Standing desk

Opt in for a healthier Croissant session with a standing desk. Just grab a spot at the communal standing desk bar.


Double your laptop screen with an extra monitor. Several monitors are avaiable on a first come first serve basis.

Need to know

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