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Resvés Cowork Space is a space for individuals and companies that value sharing, innovation and the spirit of community. Their aim is to put different people to work and grow together, by sharing knowledge and personal experiences. The space has plenty of natural light and a variety of large desks with ergonomic chairs.


Coffee & tea

Unlimited coffee and assorted tea. You're welcome to grab a cup in the kitchen and make yourself a cup of coffee.

Conference room

Conference rooms are available to rent by the hour for your next meeting. Please ask the community manager for rates and availability.


Printing is available in black & white and color. Please ask the community manager for setup instructions and rates.

Phone booth

Need to take a quick call? Jump into one of several phone booths available on a first come first serve basis. Please respect your neighbors and keep the duration under 30 minutes.

Bike storage and rental

Bike rentals are available. Ask the community manager for rates and availability. Bike storage racks are available here. Please bring your own bike locks.

Ergonomic chairs

Grab a comfy ergonomic office chair that gives your lower back support, and promotes good posture, which helps to alleviate back pain.

Event space

This space hosts a number of fun events throughout the month. Contact the community manager for event details or inquiries about renting the space.


Take a well-earned break on the massive catamaran net!

Need to know

Common area and hot desks.


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