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Today  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


professional   •   quiet   •   focused

Look no further for a space to do some serious damage on your laptop. Check in at 2 Park, plug in, and get work done in a quiet, professional setting with lots of natural sunlight beaming in from the large windows. It's great for freelancers, solopreneurs, startups, and remote teams from larger companies.


Coffee & tea

Additional cost for Keurig coffee and assorted teas. You're welcome to grab a cup and fix yourself some coffee.


Printing access may be available up to 10 pages. Please ask the front desk for instructions.

Food options

Right down the street from Korea Town with tons of great lunch options.

Phone booths

Hop into one of 3 phone booths to take that important call. Please respect the community and keep the meeting under an hour.

Great views

On the 20th floor of a building in NYC with the view of midtown and lower manhattan. This is a inspirational place to gather ideas and collaborate with team members.

Standing desk

Opt in for a healthier day with a standing desk. Just grab a seat at the communal standing desk near the kitchen.

Ergonomic chairs

Grab a comfy ergonomic office chair that gives you lower back support, promotes good posture, and helps alleviate back pain.

Need to know

Sit at any open seat at the long tables.


Location Map


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Q9 min
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F9 min
D9 min
B9 min
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