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bespoke   •   vivacious   •   rustic

The Farm is meticulously decorated with rustic, wooden details such as large barn doors and colorful crates. The space is bustling with entrepreneurs busily creating and collaborating on the next big thing. The Farm epitomizes the restless energy of Silicon Alley.


Conference room

Book conference room starting at $40/hour. Speak to the community manager to purchase credits or to book the Library Room (which seats up to 16 people).

Phone booth

Access to jump into any three phone booths located at the front of the space. The tree house on top of their phone booths are also available to book for an extra fee. Please keep the duration under an hour.

Coffee & tea

Daily re-supplied Keurig coffee and assorted teas. You're welcome to grab a cup and fix yourself a cup of coffee.

Pet friendly

You're welcome to bring a pet along but please keep in mind that this is a open community so we highly recommend you to keep an eye on your loved ones and stay close by.

Kitchen & microwave

You may store your food in the refrigerator but don't forget your food when you're leaving because the refrigerator gets cleared up every night.


To print at The Farm, you can send an email to thefarmsoho@printwithme.com with your documents as attachments. You'll automatically get an email response with a link for payment. The price is $0.15 for B/W and $0.50 color.

Standing desk

There's a few bar top tables that can be used as a standing desk with portable shelves to adjust based on your height.

24/7 access

Work here on nights and weekends. No sleeping is permitted, but work all night if you wish!

Need to know

Find an open seat by the entrance area, in the main workroom, or in the back by the big steps. For late nights and weekends, please stay in the front common area.


Location Map


E6 min
C6 min
A6 min
17 min
Z3 min
J3 min
Q3 min
R1 min
N1 min
63 min

Book a conference room

Spacious Full Floor Loft for Events @ The Farm

Soho • 50 people


Conference Room 5 (3rd Floor) @ The Farm

Soho • 4 people


Conference Room 4 (3rd Floor) @ The Farm

Soho • 4 people


Conference Room 3 (3rd Floor) @ The Farm

Soho • 4 people


Conference Room 2 (3rd Floor) @ The Farm

Soho • 6 people


Conference Room 1 (3rd Floor) @ The Farm

Soho • 10 people


Conference Room The Lounge @ The Farm

Soho • 16 people


Conference Room Library @ The Farm

Soho • 10 people


Conference Room A @ The Farm

Soho • 6 people