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Drop in to beautiful workspaces all around Toronto.

Croissant gives you by-the-minute access to coworking spaces

Croissant makes it easy to find workspaces on the go. Try new coworking spaces or drop by your comfortable favorites. Our membership allows you to be productive wherever your life takes you.

How it works


Choose from thousands of seats

Find a space nearby to meet, work, & focus on your projects.


Check in with the app

Drop by when you need the space and check in for instant access.


Plug in and get to work

Fast wifi, coffee, plugs, and like-minded people at each space.

Meet, work, & focus at these spaces

Acme Works



Downtown Toronto


Corso Italia




Long Branch

Crystal clear pricing


  • 10 hours per month
  • Bring a guest for 6 CAD/hr
  • Roll over unused hours New


  • 40 hours per month
  • 5 free guest hours
  • Roll over unused hours New


  • 120 hours per month
  • 20 free guest hours
  • Roll over unused hours New

Why remote workers use Croissant

"All the good vibes of a cafe...without being subject to a cafe's music, prices or the random patron who asks: 'Hey dude, you writing a screenplay, too?'"

Bryan L, Freelance Journalist

"I love the fact that I can drop into spaces for two hours and then get up and go somewhere else to a meeting, and then wherever I am, look at the map, and be by a new space."

Ava R, Grad student at NYU

"Croissant moves straight to my home screen when I’m in the US for work. Different office every day is awesome."

Jeremy B, Founder of Emojipedia

"it's an office anywhere you need it in the city for far less than you'd pay for a co-working membership. If you don't need a desk 9-5 everyday, I'd highly recommend checking it out."

Justin G, UX Designer at Squarespace

"I love croissant <3 You just need to check in on the app and say that you are a Croissant member to the front desk and you can feel free to work."

Laura W, Engineer at Spotify

"My colleague and I are loving the ability to jump around from different locations in the city and explore beautiful new creative spaces."

Jessica P, Creative Director at JPD Studios