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Today  8:00 AM - 8:00 PM


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LACS Conde d'Óbidos is a space where business creation and cultural and artistic consumption are encouraged. With a variety of seating options, calming colors, and beautiful views of the city, LACS Conde d'Óbidos is sure to inspire a productive workday.


Conference room

Conference rooms are available to rent hourly for your next meeting. Please ask the community manager for rates and availability.

Phone booth

Need to take a quick call? Jump into one of several phone booths available on a first come first serve basis. Please respect your neighbors and keep the duration under 30 minutes.


Printing is available in black and white and color. Please ask the community manager for setup instructions and rates.


Lockers are available. Please see the community manager for more information.


This space has a lounge area where you can relax.

Outdoor space

Enjoy the beautiful views at our rooftop.


An on-site cafe has selections which can be purchased for an additional cost.

Kitchen & microwave

You may store your food in the refrigerator but don't forget your food when leaving!

Ergonomic chairs

Grab a comfy ergonomic office chair that gives your lower back support, and promotes good posture, which helps to alleviate back pain.


Need to freshen up? Showers are available.


This space offers free beer during Happy Hours.

Dog Friendly

You're welcome to bring a dog along but please keep an eye on your furry friend as to not disturb fellow coworkers.

Event space

This space hosts a number of fun events throughout the month. Contact the Community Manager for event details or inquiries about renting the space.

Late nights

Got a tight deadline? Do your work late into the evening.

Weekend hours

Squeeze in an extra day by stopping in on the weekend.

Need to know

Common area and hot desks.


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