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Today  8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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Hirschengraben is a vibrant co-working and co-living space only a 9-minute walk from the Lucerne train station. This space offers an atmosphere of innovation and community, perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and influencers.



Printing is available in black and white. Please ask the community manager for setup instructions and rates.

Conference room

Conference rooms are available to rent hourly for your next meeting. Please ask the community manager for rates and availability.

Kitchen & microwave

You may store your food in the refrigerator but don't forget your food when leaving!

Hotel Rooms

Switzerland's first capsule hotel is attached to the Hirschengraben space. Each of the 19 pods has wi-fi, USB charging stations and a safe. They also offer women’s-only capsules and a premium version with a large bed and a video.

Need to know

Common area and hot desks.


Location Map