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With Croissant, your hours are available to you for a whole month.

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Use the app to find a workspace nearby on the go. No need to talk to anyone!

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Find yourself in a coworking space surrounded by like-minded creatives, entprereneurs, and freelancers. Get away from the rest of the world and just focus on your current projects.

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Take that important Skype call from the comfort of a cozy corner or private phone booth. Or you can host a meeting at a Croissant workspace and impress your guest.

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Let's take a closer look...

Croissant membership
Traditional day pass
Coffee shop
Wi-fi internet

Fast & reliable

Fast & reliable

Spotty connection

Might be limited to an hour of usage
Food and drinks

Free, unlimited coffee*

Free, unlimited coffee*

A la carte

Risk losing your seat if you leave for lunch, or cough up $16 for a small salad
# locations:

80 spaces



Seat availability:

Updated in real time

Hold a seat up to one hour in advance and it'll be there waiting for you

Show up randomly

Or call in advance to ask each day

Show up randomly

Good luck getting a seat
Allotted time:

10 hours

Use it up in one day or spread it out over the course of a month

End of the day

Until you feel gulity

Or the barista gives you dirty looks
Hours of operation:

Open 24/7*

Usually 9 AM - 5 PM

Usually 9 AM - 5 PM


$39 monthly

One flat fee, cancel anytime


Same price even if you want to use a workspace for an hour


Plus the cost of all the coffee and croissants you end up buying
* Hours of operation and amenities vary from one space to another.

I find myself bouncing around the city like a madman most days. Every coworking space I check-in to treats me like a VIP. Croissant has nailed it on the head with this service.

John Henry, Entrepreneur

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